Worldwide inauguration celebrations

The world weary because of factors like war, recession, unemployment and fear shed its collective burden on Tuesday, with worldwide soars to celebrate the arrival of the new American president.

No deal reached in Zimbabwe talks

On Monday Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and his rival Morgan Tsvangirai met and held talks about a power-sharing agreement but failed to reach consensus.

Russian gas flowing to Europe again

Gazprom, Russia's state gas- export monopoly and NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy agreed to resume natural-gas flows to Europe today at 10:00 a.m. Moscow time.

The World's Largest House

Taken from the Arabic name, means Palace of the Faith Light; is the largest residential palace in the world and the world's largest residence of any type.

Scientist finds new creatures in deep Australian seas

On Sunday, a U.S – Australian team of scientists announced that they had uncovered new marine animals in their research of previously unexplored Australian waters, such as bizarre carnivorous sea squirt and ocean-dwelling spiders.

Russia and Ukraine has deal sealed

On Monday the Ukrainian prime minister arrived in Moscow as Russia and Ukraine prepared to sign a deal ending a contentious dispute that cut off Russian natural gas shipments to Europe for nearly two weeks.

What to do with frozen pipes?

What to do with zero temperatures these days that leads to frozen water pipes in area homes and businesses, causing sprinkler alarms to go off, water mains to break and leaving homeowners hard-pressed to find an available plumber?

Europe urges Russia, Ukraine in gas dispute

European officials are urging Russia and Ukraine to quickly enforce an agreement to resume delivery of natural gas to many of the freezing nations affected by a dispute which has paralyzed supply delivery. Millions of people are enduring heat and cooking gas shortages as well as sub-zero temperatures at this time.

Congress Proposes 'Cash for Clunkers' Program

Got a 79 Chrysler Cordoba in your driveway? Congress is considering a proposal that would reward American up to $4,500 if they trade old cars to cash to scrapping companies, depending on the car.