Pomegranate juice peddler POM Wonderful lost a lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission claiming the company used deceptive advertising in claiming its juice could treat or prevent certain illnesses.

Chief Administrative Law Judge Michael Chappell ruled against POM, ordering it stop claiming its juice helps treat or prevent heart disease, prostate cancer and other illnesses.

The claims have become a staple of its advertising campaigns, featuring scantily clad nubile men and women and voiceovers claiming centuries-old myths about the pomegranate (none mention that they turn your fingertips orange).

The FTC filed a complaint against POM's parent company, Roll International Corp. in 2010, when the company was riding a wave of pomegranate-centric products and health claims.

The company, however, claimed the decision was a win, as Chappell said health food companies should not be held to the same standard as pharmaceutical companies.

We consider this not only to be a huge win for us, but for the natural food products industry, the company said in a statement.

But POM Wonderful isn't the only company nailed for false advertising claims. Here are five other companies accused of making promises they couldn't keep.