In yet another example of "Poor Michelle"-themed shade, the YouTube preview image for Michelle William's new video showed Beyoncé instead of Williams for a large part of Wednesday. It was eventually swapped out for a photo of Williams, Bey and Kelly Rowland -- which is quite the improvement. Reuters

What was supposed to be a shining moment for singer Michelle Williams has turned into yet another comedy session for some social media users.

Destiny’s Child fans collectively gasped when Williams’ track “Say Yes” was leaked ahead of the release of her new album, “Journey to Freedom." The song includes an infectious beat and two standout features by both Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland.

Weeks after the song was leaked, rumors began to swirl that the song's video would include a DC3 reunion. These rumors were followed by actual confirmation of a video shoot and a subsequent teaser photo of the upcoming visuals for the song, showing Beyoncé, Rowland and Williams.

The video received a great deal of hype ahead of its release. But sadly for Williams, the visual's June 18 premiere marked yet another moment of unapologetic shade for the often unappreciated members of Destiny's Child.

From the video's preview image on YouTube to the social media posts used to promote it, many people believed Williams was once again shortchanged by her bandmates, even in her own video.

In solidarity, they took to the #PoorMichelle hashtag to share their take on these unfortunate moments. And we’ve gathered just a few of the silliest #PoorMichelle memes posted in honor of the “Say Yes” video premiere.