Popeyes is launching its Chocolate Beignets nationwide for a limited time, starting on Monday, adding some sweetness to its spicy-hot menu.

The New Orleans sweet treat was previously offered as part of a pilot test in Boston and Baltimore and is now being rolled out to all of Popeyes restaurants across the U.S.

The new menu item is a deep-fried pastry that is stuffed with melted Hershey’s chocolate and covered in powdered sugar. It comes in three sizes – a three-pack for $1.99, a six-pack for $3.99, and a dozen for $7.49, USA Today reported. Prices and restaurant participation may vary by location.

“Popeyes is a brand with Louisiana roots, and beignets were a natural fit for our next dessert offering,” Sami Siddiqui, president of the Americas at Popeyes, said (via USA Today).

The Chocolate Beignets, a riff on the popular New Orleans treat, can be messy, which is why Popeyes also introduced a limited-edition Beignet Camo hoodie that is designed to hide the evidence of the mess.

The hoodies, sold in black, have white splatters on them that appear to look like powdered sugar. The hoodies are sold on ThatLookFromPopeyes.com for $35.

Popeye’s dessert menu also includes a cinnamon apple pie.

A Popeyes restaurant
A Popeyes restaurant GETTY / JOE RAEDLE