Dax Harwood, AEW
Dax Harwood, one-half of FTR, during an AEW event. AEW


  • Dax Harwood takes notice to Edge and Beth Phoenix using his tag team finisher
  • Harwood feels flattered by hearing the name of the finisher on the live broadcast
  • Harwood has previously teased FTR returning to WWE sometime soon

The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view was WWE's last big event before WrestleMania 39 and was a major success in many fans' eyes, but there was one moment that caught their eyes during the broadcast.

In the closing moments of Edge and Beth Phoenix's match with The Judgment Day's Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley, the "Grit Couple" secured the victory by using a tag-team finisher not seen in the company since 2020.

Edge lifted up Balor by his legs and delivered his face and upper torso directly into the knees of Phoenix, a move dubbed "shatter machine," with longtime commentator Michael Cole explicitly saying the name on-air.

The move was popularized by current All Elite Wrestling (AEW) tag team FTR, composed of Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood–better known as The Revival in WWE.

Harwood responded to Edge and Phoenix performing their move and recently expounded on the experience of helping Edge get back into a ring shape and seeing them use the "shatter machine" with Cole acknowledging the name of the move.

"Those two (Edge and Beth Phoenix) are Hall of Fame talents. I am just lucky that they respect me and Cash enough that they wanted to pay homage to us using that move," Harwood stated on his podcast.

"It was emotional to me that we have made a little, small impact on the business that I have loved and cherished and admired for my whole existence, right? We've made this little bit of impact where we came up with a move, we named a move, and they're still calling it that move. That to me is so humbling."

WWE has not been shy about publicly referencing a talent that has been rumored to return to the company and Cole calling out the "shatter machine" had led fans to wonder whether FTR truly was returning.

After all, Harwood had been hinting at the possibility of them going back to the pro wrestling giant in an Instagram story that was screenshotted by NoDQ.com and shared on Twitter.

However, Harwood confirmed in that same podcast appearance that he is not saying whether he and partner Wheeler are both leaving AEW outside of their contracts expiring in April, but he does go on to explain his joy with the move still being recognized by the company.

"We are watching it and hearing it still called the 'shatter machine' really made me feel. I'm very lucky that those guys respect us enough to do it. I'm also lucky that that company (WWE) respects us enough to still call it that because they could have called it whatever they wanted to," Harwood said.

FTR returning to WWE is completely up in the air in the meantime as the promotion marches on towards its biggest show of the year with WrestleMania 39.

FTR, The Revival, WWE
Cash Wheeler (left) and Dax Harwood (right) during their time as "The Revival" in the WWE. WWE