• Aubameyang's contract signing has been delayed by the Gabon national's father
  • Aubameyang may have to settle for a verbal agreement for now
  • Arteta assures Aubameyang is here to stay

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is awaiting his new contract, something that Mikel Arteta is expected to address soon. Though there have been discussions on that the past months according to the Gabon national, it appears sealing the deal is being held up by the COVID-19 pandemic. Though this can be settled remotely or verbally, it appears Aubameyang's dad wants to make things as formal as possible.

In a report from The Athletic, Pierre-Francois Aubameyang reportedly prefers to meet in person than settle the contract issue remotely. Given that the past months have barred travel in most parts of the world, seeing that happen is nearly impossible. But the persistence of the elder Aubameyang is now being singled out as the reason due to stalled contract talks. Restrictions have now been loosened, something that may finally help address the contract situation of the Gabon captain.

Hence, it has become a waiting game for both sides. But the good news is that Arteta is adamant about keeping Aubemayang in the fold. In a recent post, the 38-year-old manager narrated how important Aubameyang is to the team. He is a key fixture in the rebuilding process and maintained that he is pretty valued over at Emirates Stadium.

"I have a really good relationship with him and we can discuss face to face a lot of things. So far as I'm aware I think he's very happy at the club," Arteta said.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang celebrates scoring Borussia Dortmund's third goal against Napoli. Reuters

Verbally, it appears both the Gunners and Aubameyang may have addressed the concerns surrounding his contract. All that is left is to be physically present when the contract signing is done. As of this writing, there is no word on when that may happen. Regardless, that could be one less thing to worry about for the Gabon football player as the Gunners resume playing games for the rest of this season.

For Aubameyang, this would be a big sigh of relief. Already 30-years-old, he knows that his decisions will be critical moving forward. Staying with Arsenal is seen as the most plausible move since he would not need to make major adjustments. What remains to be known is how much the Gunners will be offering him and for how long. Arteta and Arsenal management may already have something in mind but prefer to reveal it when the time is right.