• Mbappe exiting PSG after this season
  • Real Madrid may pass on Mbappe and get Mane
  • Liverpool could look into signing Mbappe

Things are not looking too good for Paris Saint-Germain as far as keeping Kylian Mbappe moving forward. Interest in the French forward is well-documented and something is likely to go down in the next transfer window.

One team likely to be in play is Real Madrid. Mbappe has long been rumored to be moving to Santiago Bernabeu, with Zinedine Zidane often quoted as wanting the 21-year-old to join his side. And according to former PSG midfielder Jerome Rothen, this is practically a done deal, reported. He claimed that Mbappe would have already left PSG had the COVID-19 pandemic not put the season on hold.

"I know from club sources that a deal to take Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid was almost done," Rothen said. "But with what has been happening, I'm sure that Mbappe's arrival at Real Madrid will be postponed."

But looking ahead, Rothen claims that a Mbappe exit is good as done. He reveals that there is already an agreement in place and it will only be a question of time before the French footballer makes a jump. For Rothen, Real is the place to go but there could be complications along the way.

According to The Sun, Real is ready to invest heavily but on Sadio Mane. Zidane is allegedly determined to land the Senegalese holding a £150,000 ($188,000) a week contract. The deal was designed to keep him in Liverpool until 2023. However, talks are already underway and Real seems bent on acquiring the 28-year-old winger.

If this materializes, the Reds could end up chasing Mbappe instead. If the Mane deal pushes through, Real may not have enough budget to bring in the French football player. Mbappe had been linked to Liverpool in the past, but budget constraints stood in the way. That could all change if Mane leaves for Real Madrid.

Also, there is Nike who could come to aid Liverpool's pursuit of adding Mbappe. The company could shoulder part of Mbappe's contract and also gain business-wise. Nike stands to bring about £100 million ($125 million) a year, a big boost that could help Liverpool in a lot of ways -- including aiding in financing Mbapee's stint for the Reds.

Kylian Mbappe has scored 21 goals in 22 appearances for PSG this season
Kylian Mbappe has scored 21 goals in 22 appearances for PSG this season AFP / VALERY HACHE