Prop 8 Plaintiffs
Zarrillo and Katami, plaintiffs in the case against California's gay marriage ban known as Prop 8, and Boies talk to reporters otuside the Supreme Court in Washington Reuters

While two plaintiffs, Sandra B. Stier and Kristin M. Perry, in the Proposition 8 case were being interviewed on MSNBC, President Barack Obama called from Air Force One to congratulate them on the Supreme Court decision. Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo, another California couple named in the case, also invited Obama to their wedding, which is now legal since the court declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional in a 5-4 decision and let Proposition 8 be struck down in a 5-4 decision as well. Take a look their reaction as they received the call from Obama in the video above. Also take a look at the decision on Proposition 8 below.

Hollingsworth v. Perry by dmataconis