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There are less than two weeks left until Election Day 2012, and MTV is hosting a live-streaming event with U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday as part of its ongoing Power of 12 election series.

Click here to tune in to the live stream even at 5 p.m. EDT.

“Ask Obama Live: An MTV Interview With the President” is being hosted live from the White House where longtime MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway will be relaying questions to the president from young voters. Since his election in 2008, Obama has been popular with young voters.

There will be pre- and postevent live-stream discussions featuring Georgetown University students in Washington speaking about their personal election issues. Those discussions can be found here.

“Ask Obama Live" is the first time during the 2012 campaign that “either President Obama or Governor [Mitt] Romney have focused solely on young voters' top concerns on a nationally televised program. Governor Romney has also been invited to participate in his own event, although there is no word yet on his acceptance,” according to MTV.

MTV’s Power of 12 campaign is the cable-television channel’s effort to get younger voters involved in the presidential election. MTV's political efforts may be best known through its “Choose or Lose” campaign.

The Power of 12 campaign is specifically geared to the so-called Millennial Generation and the changes they face in the economy and how the political climate can affect and empower them.

The Millennial Generation consists of those who are 18 to 29, which represents nearly 45 million Americans. Popular questions people in this generation would like to have answered center on jobs, the cost of college, rising student-loan debt, and social issues such as the rights of immigrants and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning, or LGBTQ, community.