The game obsessed customers still prefer PSP over the Nintendo 3DS. MediaCreate Reported that Sony's PSP moved 35,478 units ahead of the 3DS pushing it down to the second best seller selling 32,910 units on April 10.

There can be many reasons that can be credited to PSP's victory. The only title for 3DS in the debut week was baseball game Pro Yakyu Famista 2011 where as PSP had six of them according to TLB Gaming reports. It can also be the dating sim for the PSP named Amagami or its Quad core processor. Graphics are better in a PSP than 3DS according to the reviews and comments of the users and bloggers. Although the 3D view is unique about the 3DS the PSP offers a console like experience according to review.

After dawn news has reported that the spurt in PSP sales can be due to the release of Final Fantasy IV. To add to its ambitious product line, Sony will be releasing a new NGP - PSP2 later this year.