April Fools' Day is the one day where lies and deception are encouraged. Pranks, quick gags and clever jokes will ride alongside the truth, which leads to plenty of confusion. For the media, every news story is treated with suspicion, and journalism is not the only profession that has some disdain for the first day of April.

"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" took a break on Sunday -- HBO was airing the incredible "Going Clear" documentary -- but that did not mean we would be left without some new bit of wisdom from the comedian. Oliver discussed his hatred for April Fools' Day in a new video released on YouTube. "Pranks are terrible. Anyone who claims to be excited about April Fools' Day is probably a sociopath," Oliver said. "Because what they really are saying is, 'I cannot wait to hurt the people close to me.'" For Oliver, there doesn't need to be another day where we disappoint everyone around us; we do that enough every other day of the year.

April Fools' Day 2014 featured pranks from practically every major company. Google, Tesla, Uber, Samsung, Twitter, Netflix, American Eagle, Virgin Atlantic and the White House got in on the prank holiday. While some of them are entertaining, most of them are quickly forgotten until the next year when you see Google has released a new version of YouTube, Gmail or Google Maps -- although last year's Google Maps Pokemon Challenge was fantastic. There are just as many lists covering the worst April Fools' Day pranks as there are ranking the best gags. On Wednesday, it'll be best to avoid Facebook since there will be a few fake stories shared between friends. "Satire" sites -- like Daily Buzz Live -- will be trying their best to get readers to share something on April Fools' Day that will be completely untrue, like Zero G Day.

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Oliver wants viewers to take part in a No-Prank Pledge in 2015, which means no fake engagements or forwarding of a celebrity death hoax. If you see someone about to pull a prank, tell them to stop.