United States Of Piracy
The number of people across the U.S. downloading music and movies illegally may surprise you. International Business Times

If you’re a citizen of the internet, downloading torrents is probably as commonplace as it is illegal; but if you also happen to be a citizen of the United States, you may be shocked to hear you’re far from alone in your tech transgressions. Based on findings from a study that analyzes United States internet piracy rate data, every state is downloading something.

According to Movoto, a real estate brokerage agency whose blog sets up guides and top 10 lists for cities, Florida has the most pirates per 10,000 people, (6.41 people per 10,000), followed by Washington (5.88 people per 10,000), Rhode Island (5.47 per 10,000), Montana (5.28 per 10,000) and North Carolina (5.12 per 10,000). So, congrats Florida, you lead the U.S. in torrenting per capita and odd news.

If you assume (like we did) that a faster internet leads to a easier access to copyrighted material and therefore a higher privacy rate, you’ll be as surprised as we were to see there’s no correlation between states with the fastest average internet speed and highest piracy rates. Only Rhode Island and Washington cracked the top 10 for average connection speed by state in Akami's "State of the Internet Report."

As for what the people of the United States are downloading, that shouldn't really surprise you....it's "Game of Thrones" all the time, every time. The HBO series tops the list in 16 cities, "24" was second and was the most popular torrent in six states. Most surprisingly, New York loves "Beauty and the Beast," yes, the CW series, for reasons only the best TV detectives, looking at you Sherlock and Rust Cohle, could ever figure out.

As for how Movoto collected their data, "When an individual connects to download a torrent, their torrent downloading client collects a list of nodes (other people's computers serving the torrent) that the client can connect with to download the torrent, piecemeal. We wrote a program to collect a list of the IP addresses for these nodes, for a variety of the top torrents. Each IP address represents an individual computer seeding a file. This was done without actually downloading any actual files. In essence, our tool allowed us to create a list of all the nodes that were seeding the most popular torrents. The Pirate Bay lists on their website the list of most popular torrents for Game/TV/Movie torrent types. We used these torrent links as the source to do our research."

A full breakdown of popular movies, games and television series by state can be viewed below.

Most Downloaded Movie By State

Most Downloaded Movie By State
The most torrented movie varies greatly by state. Movoto

Most Downloaded Television Series By State

Most Downloaded Television Series By State
"Game of Thrones" was the most torrented television series in 16 states, Movoto

Most Downloaded Game By State

Most Downloaded Games By State
"Watch Dogs" downloads dominated across the U.S. Movoto