Vladimir Putin's United Russia party has released a steamy new ad encouraging people to go to the polls for the Dec. 4 parliamentary election.

A beautiful young woman in a short dress is seen walking into a polling station. As she gets into the ballot booth, a young man rushes up to the counter and gives her a look. She walks toward the voting booth and closes the curtain. Then she quickly opens it and pulls the young man into the booth with her.

Through the curtain gap, we see clothes fall to the floor, as a slogan that translates as Let's do it together appears on the screen. Soon they come out, with the woman grinning and fixing her hair. They proceed to deposit their ballots in the ballot box together.

United Russia has forgotten that voting in Russia is meant to be secret, Gennady Gudkov, a member of an opposition party said to the Izvestiya newspaper. Gudkov said he would ask prosecutors and the country's election commission to investigate the advertisement for violating the constitution. According to the law, a person who drops their ballot in the box must be in the booth completely alone.

Check out the video of the advertisement below.