QandeelBaloch-honor killing
An ambulance carries the body of social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch who was strangled in what appeared to be an "honor killing," in Multan, Pakistan July 16, 2016. REUTERS/Online News

The brother of Pakistani Model and social media sensation Qandeel Baloch was arrested late Saturday for her murder. Baloch’s brother, Waseem, who was detained in Dera Ghazi Khan in central Pakistan, reportedly confessed to the murder, saying that he drugged and strangled his older sister in the name of “honor.”

Baloch, who was highly controversial because of her raunchy photographs, comments and videos posted on social media, was killed by her drug-addict brother on Friday night after she went to sleep. Preliminary police investigations have revealed that Waseem, who was against her working in showbiz, acted alone, local media reported.

“Qandeel was bringing dishonour to the Baloch people and I could not tolerate that. Also, her issue with the clergyman had increased our troubles,” the Express Tribune, a Pakistani English news publication, quoted 25-year-old Waseem as saying at a press conference after being detained.

'I accept it with pride'

Waseem said he had drugged Baloch before strangling her to death. He also said that he did not repent killing her, since “she brought dishonour to the Baloch name.”

“I am a drug addict but I was in my senses when I murdered her and I accept it with pride,” Waseem reportedly said. “Now everybody will remember me with honour that I have provided relief to my parents and brothers who were suffering due to her for last two decades.”

After killing Baloch, Waseem fled to Dera Ghazi Khan with two of his friends, police officials said, adding that they were trying to catch Waseem’s friends, after which they will be able to determine whether the two men were involved in Baloch’s murder.

Waseem apparently planned to kill Baloch after her photos and videos with a leading Muslim cleric went viral on the internet. The cleric was later dropped from his post as the head of a religious organization.

“I proudly admit to murdering Qandeel and I have earned heaven and honour by providing relief to my parents and family. After the videos with Mufti Abdul Qavi had gone viral on social media, I planned to murder her and was only waiting for the best moment,” Waseem said.

Baloch, who became the latest victim of the so-called “honor killings” that have plagued Pakistan over the years, was buried on Sunday morning in her ancestral village near Dera Ghazi Khan, where scores of people gathered to attend the service.

She hated the 'patriarchal society'

Born in March 1990, Baloch was known as Fauzia Azeem before she shot to fame in 2014. She had managed to amass tens of thousands of followers through her continuous self-promotion and suggestive “selfies” on social media platforms. However, she was also admired by many for her brave remarks against Pakistan's “patriarchal society.”

“I have struggled through difficulties to make a place for myself in showbiz. It was very difficult,” Baloch said in an interview. “I want to give my followers a positive message, I want to give those girls a positive message who have been forcefully married, who continue to sacrifice. I want to be an example for those people. That’s my aim.”

Baloch’s views were definitely in contrast to those of Waseem, who said that “girls are born only to stay at home and to bring honor to the family by following family traditions” — something his sister had never done, according to him.

“My friends used to send me videos and pictures on my mobile and everyone in the mobile market was sharing pictures and videos of her with me. Murdering her was better than committing suicide so I went with the latter plan,” Waseem said.