The new Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to introduce an ordinance this week, which will be allowing gun ranges in the city.

Chicago and its suburban municipalities were on the move to pass gun control legislation, and starting in 1981 with Morton Grove, cities have been banning sale, transportation, and ownership of handguns.

However, the Supreme Court last year overturned the 28-year-old handgun ban in the city. While gun ranges remained banned within the city, Chicago resident were able to travel to a suburban gun range to go through the required training and obtain a Chicago Firearm Permit.

The permit costs $100 and each new gun required $15 registration fee. The permit-holders must submit annual registration report and had to renew the permit every three years.

Still, obtaining a gun in Chicago is not easy. According to Fox News, around 100,000 people in the city have signed up for the Firearm Owner ID, but only 3.5 percent of them have received one.

Now the city is being sued for banning gun range because it “creates a cost-prohibit barrier to getting a gun permit,” Fox News has reported.

Mayor Emanuel’s proposed ordinance would reportedly limit gun ranges to areas zoned for manufacturing.

The Executive Director of Cease Fire Chicago Tio Hardiman said, “Cease Fire does not necessarily support what Mayor Rahm Emanuel is doing as far as bringing gun ranges into Chicago but Rahm Emanuel is following the law.”

Some called Emanuel’s move as a tactical business opportunity.

“They're doing it to make money, let's face it, that's common sense and he sees Chicago as a big market so right now that market has to go to the suburbs,” said Don Mastrianni, the owner of Illinois Gun Works in Elmwood Park, Illinois.