Nabisco, the makers of Oreo sandwich cookies, stirred controversy -- and the wildest dreams of Oreo fanatics -- when it posted a photo of a six-layer Oreo with cream in rainbow colors in an obvious support of gay pride. But will the Rainbow Oreo ever come to fruition?

Oreo's Facebook page posted the photo with the words Proudly support love! The Oreo's crème was rainbow colored. The bottom of the photo featured the phrases June 25 and Pride. A sentence appears in the bottom of the photo saying the Rainbow Oreo is made with crème colors that do not exist.

Kraft Foods, the parent company of Nabisco, said in a statement that Rainbow Oreos won't be available for public consumption, to the dismay of fans of the multi-colored cookie photo.

Basil Maglaris, associate director of corporate affairs for Nabisco, said the Rainbow Oreo was created just as an online image and is not planned for sale.

The Rainbow Oreo, predictably, has sparked much comment. The photo has more than 162,000 Facebook likes and the image has been shared more than 45,000 times. More than 21,000 Facebook users commented on the photo, with some praising it and others saying Nabisco crossed a line and are calling for an Oreo boycott.

I'll never buy oreo again, said Facebook user Cgrus Narloch.

Disgusting, was the terse reaction of Facebook user Kevin Barnes.

That's not love, that's wrong, user Alexandria Chapman said. It is in the bible that God made us to be together as one man and one woman. That's God's way!

Most of the responses supported Rainbow Oreos, however.

As a 53 year old married heterosexual woman who loves her Oreos AND her lifelong gay/lesbian friends, bravo for your support for all of your customers and for standing up for liberty and justice for ALL, said Facebook user Terri Lynn Merritts. Why don't you actually create a rainbow Oreo for sale? Build it and we will come buy and eat it!!!

Facebook user Katie Halsey agreed.

Dear Oreos, I love you even more now! Don't listen to the homophobes. If God is disappointed in anyone, it's them for living by hate instead of love. Let them boycott. More Oreos for us smart people. :-), she wrote.

So proud of you for posting this, wrote Facebook user Mary Grace Davis. I'm sure you caught a ton of flack for doing so. Well, don't listen to the ignorant, bigoted so-and-sos. The majority of Americans are NOT homophobes - and we support you. I'm going out right now and buying some of your product.

Nabisco's provocative Rainbow Oreo photo is not the first time a food company weighed in on gay rights.

Progressive ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's showed where it stood when it released Hubby Hubby ice cream in 2009 when Vermont legalized same-sex marriage, ABC News reported. The ice cream flavor had originally been known as Chubby Hubby, but had been changed to Hubby Hubby for the month of September.