Adam Lefkoe’s pop culture-informed sportscasts are quickly becoming the stuff of legend.

Lefkoe, a sports anchor for WHAS 11 in Louisville, Ky., is famous on the Internet for sprinkling pop-culture references throughout his sportscasts, and he debuted a third themed segment on Sunday, noted Awful Announcing. In the latest incarnation, dubbed “RapCast,” Lefkoe managed to include 46 references to classic rap songs and artists.

“The September 15th edition of #Sportscast focused on Classic Rap (Hip Hop artists and lyrics). Using Twitter to crowd-source moments from the genre, I squeezed in 46 mentions in just a few minutes,” Lefkoe noted in a YouTube description of “RapCast.” Since being posted last Sunday, the sportscast has drawn nearly 40,000 views on YouTube.

Classic hip-hop purists won’t be disappointed by Lefkoe’s performance. Big Daddy Kane, DMX, 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. were just a few of the rap legends to be referenced in “RapCast.” Lefkoe concluded his sportscast by “dropping the mic,” a practice common among musicians after a stellar performance.

By now, Lefkoe is used to creating viral videos. His first themed sportscast, entitled “WrestleCast,” contained references to 31 famous wrestlers in a six-minute segment. The video has amassed nearly 150,000 views on YouTube since being posted on Sept. 1.

A second pop-culture sportscast, nicknamed “SeinfeldCast,” was even more popular. The video, which contained 41 mentions related to the television series “Seinfeld,” has earned more than 260,000 views on YouTube since its Sept. 8 debut.

Despite the success of his sportscasts, Lefkoe stated on Twitter that “RapCast” may be his final themed video. The WHAS 11 sports anchor told a disappointed Twitter followed that he’s “not trying to jump any sharks” by posting a fourth version.

Lefkoe’s “RapCast” video can be viewed below. In addition, fans can check out the anchor’s other themed sportscasts on his YouTube channel.