• An 11-year-old boy in India was allegedly kidnapped and murdered by his older sister's husband
  • The man was released from prison days ago after being convicted of raping the victim's sister
  • He was arrested again and brought back to jail following the alleged murder

An 11-year-old boy from India's Gujarat state was allegedly kidnapped and murdered by his older sister's husband, who was out on parole after being convicted of raping his wife in 2019.

The body of Aakash, which is not his real name, was recovered in Surat's Silent Zone area Saturday, newspaper The Times of India reported.

Aakash had gone missing from Panaas since Thursday and was the subject of a missing person's report lodged in Khatodara police station by his family.

Upon inspection of the victim's decomposed body, police suspected that the boy had been murdered on the day of his disappearance after he had been kidnapped, according to the report.

An investigation revealed that Aakash was allegedly kidnapped by his elder sister's husband, who was identified as Dablu Singh Rajput. Aakash was allegedly seen leaving Panaas with Rajput Thursday by child witnesses.

Rajput, a mason, had been convicted of raping and impregnating Aakash's then-14-year-old sister in July 2019, as per The Times of India. He had been sentenced to life imprisonment in 2020 but was released from jail on parole a few days ago, police said.

Khatodara police arrested the parolee following the incident, and he was sent back to jail, according to the report.

A similar incident had occurred over a month ago when a man who was out on bail was arrested in India's Rajasthan state after he allegedly fatally stabbed the woman he is accused of raping last year, police said.

The man, identified by authorities as Netram, allegedly stabbed the victim to death on June 13 at her house in the village of Nagani located in Sirohi district.

Netram allegedly barged into the woman's house during the night and stabbed her to death while she was sleeping. He was also accused of injuring the woman's younger sister, who was present in the house during the attack and tried to save her older sister.

Police were able to arrest Netram the next day after he fled from the scene.

According to police, Netram was released on bail in April and had been constantly threatening the unnamed victim to withdraw the rape complaint against him, but the woman did not respond to him.

The victim — a widow — was Netram's neighbor and was allegedly raped last year under the pretext of aid.

chain-link-690503_1920 Representation. The 11-year-old boy was allegedly kidnapped and murdered by his older sister's husband - around the same time he was released from prison after being convicted of raping his wife. Photo: Pixabay