Rare color photos of Adolf Hitler have surfaced for the first time since the Second World War.

Taken by Hugo Jaeger, the pictures reveal the private life of the leader of the Third Reich, showing him not as the genocidal dictator but as a host to parties and movie stars at the New Chancellery in Berlin, or as the relaxing companion of Eva Braun.

Jaeger was Hitler's personal photographer during the 1930s and 1940s, and reportedly took over 2,000 photos of the Nazi leader and his life as the ruler of Germany. But when the allies approached the Munich suburb where Jaeger was living in 1945, he hid the transparencies in 12 glass jars and buried them in a suitcase for ten years.

The collection includes a number of color photos, a rarity at the time. Jaeger eventually sold the prints to Life Magazine, which still owns the rights to the photos.

There are also hundreds of photos of Hitler's Private Life, including looks inside Hitler's private apartments -- complete with baroque decorations and pristine styling -- the pool on a Nazi leisure cruise ship, and his personal art collection.

On the reverse, there are also photos of massive Nazi rallies and his voracious followers.

More of Jaeger's photos of World War II and Hitler, including a photograph of the Fuhrer as a school boy and one at a Nazi Christmas party, can be found here.