The hiring of Mike Brown to lead the Lakers as head coach has caused overall skepticism for the most part. But what LeBron and other renowned players are saying about this surprising move for the Lakers may have you rethink what this decision really implies.

LeBron James: If it's true, when it's official, I think the Lakers got them a great coach. He added, Mike Brown was a great coach. He gave us success that we hadn't had before in that city. And it started with his defensive concepts. He brought in a defensive mindset that we didn't have. (Source:

Mo Williams: I think it is a good hire.

Magic Johnson: If Mike Brown is the @Lakers coach, there's a few reasons: he's a defensive coach, familiar w/the west, & has experience coaching a superstar (via Twitter)

Kobe Bryant: No comment, yet. (Source:

Do you think it will work for the imploding Lakers'?