• Real Madrid loanee Takefusa Kubo has been performing well for Mallorca 
  • Kubo has been scouted as an all-around asset for any team 
  • It has been speculated that he may play for Real Sociedad

It has been a dominant return for Real Madrid in the La Liga season and they’re seeking to improve moving forward. The club has been on a hot streak and they’re looking to develop their talent such as Takefusa Kubo who has been performing well at Mallorca. 

The 19-year-old has shown promise with his current stint, proving that he can play with one of the best in the world. During his stay at Mallorca, the Japanese star has shown what he could do on the pitch. The combination of his speed and agility has served as an advantage whenever he’s on the field.

The midfielder has shown in his early career that he has an all-around game. Couple Kubo’s aggressive style with the elite skills he posses will surely be an asset for any club. The dribbling ability of the rising star has is world-class and gets him away from any defense set in front of him. 

Throughout his stay with Mallorca, he’s suited up for 30 appearances and has scored on three separate occasions. To add to this he has also tallied three assists care of his excellent vision on the field. Per Who Scored Who, his current passing percentage lies at 72% with an average of 17.8 passes per game.  

There’s no question that Kubo is a valuable player; hence Real Madrid is seeking to further hone his skills for the future. Per The Real Champs, Kubo may see himself suiting up for Real Sociedad to play alongside fellow loanee Martin Odegaard. This will prove to be beneficial for Kubo given that he has the chance to learn from fellow promising players.

The potential of Kubo is through the roof and sharing the field with talented standouts like Odegaard will further develop his game. Having these brilliant players in the future for Real Madrid can mean big things for the club. The team is currently on top of the La Liga standings with 21 wins, eight draws and three losses. Things are looking good for the organization with how things are this year and in the seasons to come.  

It will be interesting to see how Zinedine Zidane moves forward with his roster and if he will be able to maximize the young stars that the organization is currently developing.