Articles by Cullen Paradis
People wearing face masks wait in line in front of a medical laboratory in Paris to get tested for coronavirus

CDC Reverses Testing Guidelines

The CDC has changed guidelines around testing to emphasize that exposed persons do need a test. It has recently struggled with outside interference from Trump appointees and the Department of...
Donald Trump says a vaccine may be available within a month -- an acceleration of his own optimistic predictions

Trump Mocked For Embarrassing Town Hall

President Trump took to Twitter to claim that his ABC News town hall got great reviews. It had been mocked by many commentators, while Fox called it an "ambush."
K9 unit

Felony Charges Announced For Officer

Felony aggravated assault charges have been announced against a Salt Lake City police officer who attacked a complying suspect with a dog in April.
A Chinese policeman stands outside the US Embassy in Beijing on September 12, 2020, as Washington called new Chinese restrictions on its diplomats an 'escalation'

Leak Reveals Chinese Database Profiling Millions

A leaked database revealed the efforts of a Chinese company to create comprehensive profiles of millions of people using publicly available data, supplemented with confidential information. Experts...
President Donald Trump's administration has sought the sale of TikTok from ByteDance, citing concerns about US data security

Treasury Reviewing TikTok, Oracle Deal

Oracle has submitted a plan to take over U.S. operations for Tiktok in the hopes the social media platform could be saved from an executive order killing it over security concerns.
US President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Minden-Tahoe airport in Minden, Nevada on September 12, 2020

Matt Drudge Branded 'Fake News' By Trump

Trump is attacking the Drudge Report on Twitter. The conservative media aggregator, one of Trump's earliest allies, has been taking a more critical stance of late.


Amir Khan

Khan Heads New Boxing Body, Retirement Beckons

Boxing champion Amir Khan has been appointed as president of the WBC Middle East Boxing Council, a move to help promote the sport and likely part of the Bolton fighter's retirement plans.