Meg McDonnell

Reviving A Dating Culture

?Why is it that so many of these eligible men and women we know who say that marriage is in their future aren?t even dating??

Sandra Fluke Sparks Debate on Sexual Health of University Students

Thanks to Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, the sex life of students, and women, has become the new hot topic. Called to testify for the defense of Democratic leaders and their contraception mandate, Fluke argued the health of women takes precedence over religious liberty.

21st Century Changes on the Road to Adulthood

There’s been an upsurge of reporting on the happenings of young Americans. If the news isn’t reporting on the recession’s impact on fresh graduates, they’re noting that young Americans are marrying later in life and suffering from what some call “failure to launch syndrome.” As the New York Times so recently, and aptly, asked: “What is it about Twenty-Somethings?”