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North India Hit by Worst Blackout in a Decade

Grid failure left more than 300 million people without power in New Delhi and much of northern India for hours on Monday in the worst blackout for more than a decade, highlighting chronic infrastructure woes holding back Asia's third-largest economy.

Maruti Suzuki Riot: Shutdown to Cost $15 Million a Day

With a manager dead, 90 employees in jail and an entire factory's workforce under investigation for murder, Maruti Suzuki faces a shutdown at a major auto plant that could last several weeks or more and cost it $15 million a day.

Indian Economy to Grow at Slowest Pace in 10 Years: Poll

India's economy will grow at its slowest pace in a decade this fiscal year, with tight monetary policy, political gridlock and a weakening global economy prompting analysts to slash their forecasts, a Reuters poll showed on Thursday.

China's Economic Growth Slowest in 3 Years

China's growth rate slowed for a sixth successive quarter to its slackest pace in more than three years, highlighting the need for more policy vigilance from Beijing even as signs emerge that action taken so far is beginning to stabilise the economy.

India's Growth Downgraded; ADB Forecasts 6.5 Percent

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) cut its growth forecasts for developing Asia on Thursday, saying financial and economic problems in Europe and the United States had cut demand for exports, although Southeast Asia remained a bright spot. China's economy was expected to grow 8.2 percent this year and India's 6.5 percent, Kuroda said.

India's Industrial Output in May Up by 2.4 Percent

India's industrial output picked up more than expected in May, bolstering the case for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to keep interest rates high at its next policy meeting as a slow start to the monsoon puts pressure on inflation, especially food prices.

Internet Doomsday Virus Could Black Out 250,000 PCs

About a quarter-million computer users around the world are at risk of losing Internet access on Monday because of malicious software at the heart of a hacking scam that U.S. authorities shut down last November. Some blogs and news reports hyped the risk of an outage, warning of a potential blackout and describing the Alureon malware as the Internet Doomsday virus.

China Puts Its First Woman Astronaut Into Orbit; Fighter Pilot Liu Yang on Space Mission

China put its first woman into orbit on Saturday, one of three astronauts to attempt a critical space docking in the latest challenge for the country's ambitious space programme. A Long March rocket blasted off in the early evening from the remote Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in the northwestern Gobi Desert, carrying with it the Shenzhou 9 spacecraft and the three astronauts, including 33-year-old female fighter pilot Liu Yang.

Rupee Posts First Weekly Gain in 2 Months

The rupee weakened on Friday on worsening global risk sentiment, but posted its first weekly gain against the dollar in more than two months as the local currency recovers from oversold conditions.

Al Qaeda Top Strategist Abu Yahya al-Libi Killed by Drone?

Abu Yahya al-Libi, one of al Qaeda's top strategists and seen as the most prominent figure in the network after leader Ayman al Zawahri, may have been killed in a drone strike in Pakistan, Pakistani intelligence officials said on Tuesday.

Drinking Without Permit in Maharashtra Can Cost You Rs 50,000

A 63-year-old prohibition law requiring every adult above the age of 25 to get a drinking permit exists in Maharashtra but it's never been taken seriously - until the rave party hogged media headlines. Individuals caught drinking without a permit could be fined 50,000 rupees or jailed for five years.

Nepal and the Sino-Indian Rivalry

The inevitable passing of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, the radicalization of the Tibetan diaspora and the fervor of the international campaign to free Tibet are bound to keep the Himalayan dispute on the world's front pages. Many Nepalese recognize that an independent Tibet would leave their country without a border with China. They believe such a situation would allow India to tighten its grip.

Manufacturing Matters: Reinvigorating 'Made in America' Brand

Ever since Japan began challenging the United States as the leading automobiles and consumer electronics manufacturer in the 1980s, a debate has been raging over whether America's days as the preeminent manufacturing nation in the world are coming to an end. It would only intensify in the next two decades, when another Asian giant, China, emerged as a manufacturing power.

My Little India

On my first visit back to my neighbourhood street after a long stint of living abroad, I felt l was plunging headfirst into the Great Indian melting pot.

India, China Headed for Asbestos Catastrophe: Experts

India and China are headed for an absolute catastrophe of death and disease because of likely massive jump in asbestos-related diseases in the coming decades, says a report written by Pulitzer winning journalist Gary Cohn.

$100 Million Sought as New Discrimination, Immigration Violations Complaint Filed against L&T

In a new twist to the class claims lawsuit against India-based conglomerate Larsen & Toubro and its U.S. subsidiary L&T Infotech, an amended complaint has been filed to include yet another former female employee of the company who has alleged gender and pregnancy discrimination, and has also outlined in detail massive immigration violations that the company was indulging in.