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Black Hole's Obliteration of Stars Found by Astronomers

Scientists have hypothesized that black holes, super dense masses with gravity so strong not even light escapes, can vacuum up stars and shred them to pieces and squash them to smithereens. Trouble is, proof of the ripped-up stars eluded astronomers - until now.

Zombies Overrun the World (In Cheeky Public Health Campaign)

The world becomes overrun by zombies; flesh-eating hordes of the undead. Would you be prepared? The tongue-in-cheek question was posed in March by the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, not as a way to scare the living come Halloween, but to raise awareness of how unprepared residents can be for dire emergencies during natural disasters.

Chivalry Isn’t Dead, Crickets Show

Jiminy Cricket from the movie Pinocchio was a top-hat-wearing, umbrella-toting crooner, but if researchers are right, the fictional cricket from Walt Disney would also have taken a bullet for the one he loved.

'Hot Hand' in Sports: Myth or Not?

Researchers at Yale School of Medicine analyzed over over 300,000 free throws during five regular NBA seasons between 2005 and 2010 and concluded that the hot hand exists with individual players.

Monkeys Use Mind Control to Move and Feel Virtual Hands [VIDEO]

Monkeys, using only brain and no brawn, controlled a virtual hand the monkeys could sense in a demonstration that puts researchers closer to melding brain and machine. The research continues to pave the way towards creating artificial limbs that have the sensation of a real limb.

Arctic Sea Ice Continues to Decline, Hits Near Record Low

As if the news about the Arctic's ozone hole outsizing the hole in Antarctica in early 2011 wasn't bad enough, Tuesday, NASA officials released more bad news: sea ice covering the Arctic Ocean reached its second lowest level in recorded history in September.

Invisibility Cloak Shown in Video

In a feat of engineering magic, researchers at the University of Dallas in Texas made an invisibility cloak that is based on the mirage effect, an optical illusion similar to the waves formed over hot pavement or mirages found in the desert.

Search is on for Yeti, Russian Researchers Say

A Russian conference is setting out to do what no man has done before: Find Yeti. Yeti, otherwise known as Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman or Sasquatch, has titillated explorers for over a century, with sightings of large footprints in mud or snow.

Greener Airplanes: Competition Winner Shows Path to More Efficient Aviation

The U.S. government dangled a million-dollar carrot in front of the aviation industry to develop fuel-efficient aircraft and usher in a new electric airplane industry. On Monday, one competitor, team of State College, Pa., came forth as the winner and grabbed the $1.35 million prize in the CAFE Green Flight Challenge, sponsored by search-engine hub Google and awarded by NASA.

Amateur Scientists Join the Hunt for New Planets

A group of amateur planet sleuths is helping researchers online in the hunt for Earth-like planets far off in outer space.The voluntary planetary detectives recently bagged two potential planets, even as funding to continue collecting the data may be threatened.

NASA Pinpoints Fallen Satellite

After days of speculation, NASA officials announced Tuesday the location of the fallen Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite that crashed down to Earth.The Pacific Ocean - far away from landfall.