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Stellar Explosion Gives Researchers Supernova Rosetta Stone

A supernova dubbed SN2011fe -- the brightest and closest one to Earth seen in the past 25 years - gave astronomers a glimpse into what causes these intense explosions and how the universe expands, according to research announced Wednesday.

Changing Attitudes in China over H5N1 Bird Flu

Two surveys released Wednesday concludes that poultry workers in China still need H5N1 avian flu education and that people in China have changed their eating habits in response to bird flu.

Oxygen Keeps Pace with Older Runners

Joggers over the age of 60 use oxygen as efficiently as younger runners, suggestive that senior pavement pounders can run at a clip even into extreme old age, according to research.

Retouched Photos Exposed by Computer Scientists

Instead of speculating how much retouching a cover model has received, secretive in most magazines and ad agencies, a computer science duo figured out a way to quantify the level of manipulation.

Canned-Soup Eaters Get Mouthful of Controversial Chemical: Report

People who eat canned versus homemade soup have high levels of bisphenol A (BPA), according to research released Tuesday about the controversial plastic-hardener linked to developmental disruptions in children along with cancer, diabetes and heart disease in adults.

Petitioners Push Back on Potential Farm Budget Cuts

Over 1,200 companies, research universities, scientific associations and residents urged the U.S. government to maintain funding for agricultural research as Congress mulls over huge budget cuts, in a petition released Tuesday by the American Society of Plant Biologists.

Physicists Officially Christen Exotic Elements

Physicists officially christened three elements, substances that cannot be broken down by chemical means, on Friday at the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics meeting in London held once every three years.