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Giant Sun Flare Continues to Affect Earth

A gigantic solar flare that erupted Saturday just won't quit and is forecasted to continue to dazzle sky watchers in Asia and Europe with aurora light shows Tuesday evening.

Killer Beetle: Case of David Eating Goliath

The unexpected diet of the ground beetle larvae includes frogs several times larger than the meager youngsters. The beetle larvae stick to frogs and suck the life right out of them.

Guessing Game Continues for Rogue NASA Satellite

NASA officials and research teams spent the past few weeks playing a guessing game on where and when debris from the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite will land. The latest estimates Friday morning delayed the satellite's time of re-entry and increased the possibility that Carter may encounter debris. On Thursday, NASA officials said that there was no chance that the debris would land in North America.

Defunct Satellite Set to Crash Friday

A defunct satellite originally meant to analyze the Earth’s ozone layer is expected to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere and crash land Friday, according to reports from NASA released Thursday.