Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will take a break from rehabbing his injured knee to get married this summer.

In an interview with local television station FoxDC, Jackie Griffin, mother of the NFL star quarterback, revealed her son will marry longtime girlfriend Rebecca Liddicoat this summer, as reported by the Washington Post.

Griffin, known to football fans as RGIII, has been dating Liddicoat since 2009. The pair met while they were attending Baylor University, and they are shown here in a WUSA9.com photo gallery. Liddicoat majored in biology, while Griffin majored in political science when not dominating as a member of the Baylor Bears football team.

“When I first met him, I thought he was a little weird,” Liddicoat once told Baylor Magazine. “I was a little nervous, and I asked him why he was wearing girls socks. He had on those weird socks he always wears.” Griffin is known for his eclectic taste in footwear.

“I was just getting out of a real bad relationship,” Griffin told Baylor Magazine. “I really wasn’t looking to get into another one, but she rubbed me the right way. There’s just something about Becca: She’s all for me, and sometimes you need people in your life like that.”

Although the couple has been engaged since 2010, they’ve managed to keep their wedding plans a secret up until now. According to Jackie Griffin, the secrecy is typical of her son.

“You would never know, based on his press conferences and everything he does in the media, but he still has that shyness to him and that quietness to him,” she told FoxDC. “He loves being at home, quiet and to himself. That hasn’t changed.”

The Washington Post has obtained a wedding registry that is believed to reveal further details of Griffin’s and Liddicoat’s wedding. If the Bed Bath & Beyond registry is real, then their wedding is scheduled for July 6.

Griffin’s mother also dished on the football star’s childhood, revealing that she called him “Robbie” as a child, and that his older sister used to dress him up as a doll, FoxDC reported.

The 23-year-old enjoys a close relationship with his mother, and has been vocal about her influence on his life.

The Washington Post quoted RGIII as saying at a charity luncheon Wednesday, “Moms are truly special to everybody.”