Republican Mitt Romney To Attend Two Deer Valley Fundraisers, One With Koch Brothers
Some of the most important Republican Party stalwarts and alms-givers are gearing up for Mitt Romney's three-day retreat this weekend at Deer Valley Resort, 38 miles east of Salt Lake City, Utah. Reuters

As the Republican National Convention (RNC) grapples with revised schedule of events owing to Tropical Storm Isaac that struck Florida Sunday and is heading toward Gulf of Mexico, the convention venue, Tampa seems to have revised fortunes for Mitt Romney in several ways.

For one, it has won the attention and empathy as Republican National Convention over the years appears to be hit by natural disasters. Even the 2008 Republican Convention was not spared of the hurricane threat. Hurricane Gustav hit the Louisiana coast as the convention was set to nominate Arizona Senator John McCain as the Republican presidential nominee.

In 2008, the party was reeling under criticism for improper handling of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans in 2005. In another coincidence, New Orleans again lies in the path of Isaac's projected path.

The Republican Convention is traditionally viewed as a celebratory event that brings together several party activists from across the United States for a week of speeches, partying and strategizing, Reuters reported.

In the aftermath of Isaac, the convention is now focusing all its efforts to pit Romney as the presidential candidate who can bolster the U.S. economy against recession and job loss with big and bold measures.

This apart, the Politico notes that ad spends by the Republican Party has shot up by an additional $14,650 over $430,000 with ad buys on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates.

Estimates state that this is twice the amount of President Barack Obama's campaign and the super PAC Priorities USA Action have spent on ad spots, which is pegged at $200,000.

Even protestors who were planning to raise voice against the convention seem to be weighing their options. The Florida Consumer Action Network (FCAN), which planned a protest outside the convention venue Sunday night seem to have changed their plans. Weather permitting they may march and stage a rally Monday, a release from Public News Service stated.