Rockstars of Ooo
Finn rocking out with bears in "Rockstars of Ooo - Adventure Time Rhythm Game."

“Rockstars of Ooo – Adventure Time Rhythm Game” is the latest mobile game featuring characters and settings from the popular Cartoon Network TV show. As the title suggests, “Rockstars of Ooo” is a rhythm game that has a big focus on music and timing and also features a number of characters from the show like Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and many more.

What differentiates “Rockstars of Ooo” from other rhythm games are the scenarios that go with the music. Instead of tapping circles for the best musical notes, the game has players matching how these musical bears sing or taking out flying foes on top of a Black Unicorn. While tapping to the music’s rhythm is still the core gameplay mechanic, the various settings and scenarios give each level a different feel.

There are five stages in every level, with a tutorial at the start of each one. As expected, the stages get harder and the music becomes faster as the player progresses. It appears that fans interested in the game should wear earphones while playing “Rockstars of Ooo” so they can concentrate.

The forums from Touch Arcade have had fans comparing the game to “Rhythm Heaven” from Nintendo for the Nintendo DS and Wii. That game plays similarly to “Rockstars of Ooo,” with players having to time their tapping with the music’s rhythm and the level’s scenario.

One of the main appeals of the game is the chance to recreate certain musical moments from the show, like Fionna defending Prince Gumball from winged enemies and Marceline jamming with Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum. There are original scenarios added to the mix like Marceline and a number of zombies clapping to the rhythm of the music.

Reception of the game has been positive so far, with Pocket Gamer praising the gameplay mechanics and how the mobile title captures the charm of the “Adventure Time” cartoon. The game’s reportedly not flawless, however, as it seems to lack replay value since there’s not much to do after beating the game, though that can be fixed with a new update.

Fans of “Adventure Time” or rhythm games in general can pick up “Rockstars of Ooo” for $1.99. The game is available on both iOS and Android devices.

THAT TUNE IS MATH! | Rockstars of Ooo - Adventure Time review (Credit: YouTube/AppSpy)