Following a successful debut in the UK, Roku is releasing its Roku 2 XD and flagship Roku 2 XS in Canada. The devices offer easy access to multimedia services including Netflix, Crackle, Pandora and even games such as Angry Birds.

We have a simple formula for our best-selling streaming players: provide access to a ton of entertainment at a low price, while maintaining a best-in-class streaming experience, said Chuck Seiber, vice president of global marketing at Roku in a written statement. We've set the same high bar for ourselves with the launch of our players today in Canada.

Roku's latest devices have been rolled out over several countries around the world, most of which are English-speaking and also have Netflix service available -- a major selling point for this particular brand of set-top box multimedia players. Roku will launch with more than 100 channels in Canada, which is still significantly less than the 450 channels available in the U.S. on existing Roku boxes. The company hopes to develop the stable of available channels for Canadian users over the next several months.

Both the Roku 2 XS and the Roku 2 XD can handle video resolutions up to 100p and can connect to any WiFi connection. The Roku 2 XS includes an additional motion-tracking gaming remote, Ethernet port and USB ports.

The Roku XD costs $89.99 (CAD) and the Roku XS costs $109.99 (CAD).