Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has accused the Obama administration of covering up “terrorism” in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens were killed in an attack on the consulate on Sept. 11.

Romney’s statement came after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the media last week that a “terrorist attack” killed the four Americans and that those responsible will be brought to justice.

"I think they want to do their very best to keep the people of America from understanding exactly what happened,” Romney told Fox News. “We expect candor. We expect transparency, particularly as it relates to terrorism.”

But during an interview on “The View” this week, President Barack Obama stopped short of calling the Libya attack terrorism, because there is an ongoing investigation.

“There’s no doubt that the kind of weapons that were used -- the ongoing assault -- that it wasn’t just a mob action,” Obama said. “Now, we don’t have all the information yet, and so we are still gathering.”

Other Republicans are demanding answers from the White House and the State Department about Steven’s death, the first killing of a U.S. diplomat in the line of duty since 1979.

And why there are conflicting reports from the president and his secretary of state is also troubling for some.

“I think you would want to ask that question of the president: Why is he not on the same page with his own administration officials, who are saying that this is a terrorist attack?” Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan told the media. “We'll leave that up to you to decide whether it's a cover-up or not.”

Other lawmakers, however, aren’t leaving that decision to the public.

Some U.S. senators have asked that the administration release details of any threats and security concerns they knew of before the Benghazi attacks.

Republican Sens. Johnny Isakson of Georgia and Bob Corker of Tennessee have both sent letters to Clinton requesting security communications in Benghazi, according to CNN.

CNN previously reported -- based on a diary it found, which belonged to Stevens -- that the ambassador was worried about the weakening security in Benghazi.

Some Democratic senators also wrote Clinton, asking about the security of diplomatic missions overseas.