Mitt Romney Wins in Maine.
Mitt Romney wins in Maine. reuters

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is leaving no stone unturned in his attempt to portray himself as the most conservative candidate in the fray. Romney, who of late has realized the importance of being ultra conservative to win Republican nomination, took his conservative rhetoric to new heights in Colorado.

During a rally in Colorado, Romney said that using morning after pills was equal to abortion. He referred to the pills as abortive pills, according to an ABC news report.

Considering the fact that Romney once supported abortion rights but now opposes abortion -- such extreme stand on the issue --points to his urge to win ultra conservative votes.

Romney criticized Obama for his birth control policy and said it was a violation of conscience for people who believed in pro-life faiths.

Referring to the Obama administration's policy, which requires church and affiliated employers to support birth control measures, Romney wrote in a Washington Times article: And on day one I will eliminate the Obama administration rule that compels religious institutions to violate the tenets of their own faith.

Romney is engaged in a tight race with Rick Santorum in Minnesota and Colorado which go to polls Tuesday night. Santorum is emerging as an anti-Romney conservative candidate in the caucusing states, according to the latest PPP (D) polls. This has forced Romney to reiterate his commitment to pro-life issues repeatedly to win the conservative voters.

In his rallies in both the states, Romney's attacks were targeted more on Santorum and Obama than on Gingrich. This apparently can be seen as an attempt to block Santorum's emergence as a conservative alternative to Romney, replacing Gingrich. When it comes to a fight in terms of conservative values, Romney for sure would like to have a comparatively moderate Gingrich than an ultra conservative Santorum as his opponent.

In his campaign rallies Romney has been addressing more and more conservative issues, and this apparently points to the changed Republican poll scenario, where once again the leading contenders are set to exchange their positions.

According to a Washington Post report, Romney said that he doesn't think a prominent breast cancer charity should continue giving grants to Planned Parenthood because it provides abortion services.

His statement came after the Pink Ribbon charity had reverted its decision to stop funding for the Planned Parenthood in the wake of heavy criticism against the decision. He went to the extent of saying that the government too should stop giving money to the Planned Parenthood.