Mitt Romney may have the endorsement of fellow Mormon Jon Huntsman, but Ron Paul's 2012 campaign is picking up key endorsements in South Carolina.

Paul has just received the endorsement of South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis.

Davis is a major political figure in the Palmetto State, described as a Tea Party favorite by The Island Packet.

Davis labeled Paul as a true conservative who abides by the Constitution. He also thinks the Texas Congressman has the best chance of defeating President Obama in a general election.

Paul has also been endorsed by religious figures.

A few days ago, Paul was endorsed by Dr. James Linzey, the president and founder of the Military Bible Association. Linzey served as a military chaplain for nearly a quarter of a century. He was also involved in Ronald Reagan's campaign in the 1980s.

He is asking all military personnel and pastors of the great State of South Carolina to support Ron Paul before we lose America altogether.

Prior to Linzey, Paul was endorsed by several other pastors, including Chuck Baldwin, Adam Pierce and Brian Nolder.

In South Carolina, evangelicals make up 60 percent of the Republican Primary vote in 2008 and residents in general have a favorable view of (and many belong to) the Tea Party.

Endorsements from Davis and Christian leaders, therefore, likely mean a lot more than an endorsement from Huntsman in South Carolina, the next primary state and a key test for Romney's frontrunner status and Paul's surging campaign.

The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Romney at 37 percent at South Carolina versus 16 percent for Paul.