Presidential candidate Ron Paul addressed criticisms about his apparent reticence to attack fellow contender Mitt Romney, announcing on Wednesday that a new television ad called Three of a Kind will target all of his GOP opponents.

Paul hasn't seen any victories so far during the primaries, but he didn't seem discouraged at a Tuesday rally in Springfield, Virginia. Everyone keeps asking about me winning states, he said. We're winning delegates, and that's what counts. He was as ardent as ever about the key planks in his libertarian platform: shrinking the government, cutting federal spending, protecting civil liberties and ending wars abroad.

Paul has been accused of going easy on Romney during debates, most notably by Rick Santorum on Saturday. It's pretty remarkable that in 20 debates, Ron Paul never attacked Mitt Romney, said Santorum, suggesting that the two were coordinating behind the scenes.

[Santorum] dreamt that up, responded Paul during a Tuesday interview with CNN, noting that he has previously criticized Romney for being a flip-flopper.

Now, Paul is out there with guns blazing. His new 60-second TV spot attacks all three of his opponents in equal measure. In the ad, Newt Gingrich is labeled a serial hypocrite. Santorum is called a counterfeit conservative. Romney is blasted for supporting bailouts and providing the blueprint for Obamacare.

Time will tell whether this ad can do anything tip the scales for Paul before Washington's caucuses on March 3.