Ron Paul
Ron Paul was accused by Rick Santorum in Saturday night's GOP debate of being "caught not telling the truth." Reuters

Ron Paul supporters scheduled a new money bomb Friday to coincide with Veterans Day. It's officially called the Support Them Now/Veteran's Day Moneybomb, according to the Web site Death and Taxes.

The pro-Paul Web site, which is hosting the money bomb site The Daily Paul, noted that Ron Paul receives more military donations than all the other GOP presidential candidates, and President Obama, combined.

Paul wrote an email to his supporters this week invoking the military and promising to support them.

Any nation willing to ask its men and women to risk their lives in the armed forces must be committed to keeping the promises it made to them when they enlisted and to giving them the medals and respect they earned while serving, the email said, according to the State Column.

DJ Pangburn at Death and Taxes criticized the money bomb for exploiting Veterans Day.

Leveraging Veteran's Day to raise campaign dollars is rather repugnant, he wrote. It is not a day for politics but for the veterans of the country who have served in wars from Europe and Korea to Vietnam and Iraq. Veteran's Day isn't only about those who fought and are still alive, but those who fought and perished -- in the trenches of Paris, on the beaches of Normandy, at Pearl Harbor, and those whose blood soaked American soil in the Civil War.