Jules Manson's Racist Rant
Here, a screencap of Manson's tirade against Obama. Please be advised that he uses an inflammatory racial slur in his final comment. Creative Commons

Jules Manson, a former candidate for Carson, Calif. city council and an ardent Ron Paul supporter, has been caught calling for President Obama's assassination-- or, as he puts it: Assassinate the f***ing n****r and his monkey children.

In a Facebook post Sunday, Manson, a prominent Libertarian and supposed Tea Party darling, posted the inflammatory comments in a rant entitled The Constitution has been signed away, referencing President Obama's signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Obama as Hitler, Ron Paul as God

Manson, a Libertarian who frequently posts on Ron Paul's web site and Facebook page, has several controversial sites to his name.

One site to which he's affiliated, RedPillLiberty, depicts President Obama's face superimposed on Adolf Hitler's body, mustache and all, and features Manson's rants against the Federal Reserve, a common target of Ron Paul and his supporters.

In one post on Ron Paul's Facebook page, Jules Manson had this to say: I may be atheist but Ron Paul is my god.

Manson: Assassinate the f***n n****r.'

On Dec. 18, however, Manson took his love of Paul and his hatred of Obama several steps too far.

In a heated series of comments on an article he posted about the NDAA, Manson dedicated the piece to Shane Jones, who still believes in that monkey [Barack Obama].

Several comments down, as friends responded to the destruction of our constitutional republic, Manson posted once more.

Assassinate the f***n n****r and his monkey children, Manson wrote.

Fury Over Racist Rant

In the hours following his inflammatory, racially charged remarks, Facebook users flooded the social networking site with furious comments.

I sure hope the Secret Service and FBI get this creep, he is dangerous to everyone! one user wrote. We can thank the Republicans for this brand of extremism.

'And his monkey children' smfh. That part bothers me the most, said another. The best way to stick it to idiots like this is vote to re elect Obama and then Warren in 2016.

At first, Manson tried to defend his statement. Two hours after the offensive post, according to The Examiner, he made another bizarre statement claiming his use of the N-word wasn't racist. That comment has since been removed, as well as the original exchange.

Jules Manson's online presence has been further scrubbed from the Internet with every hour that passes, likely by both Manson himself and Ron Paul and Tea Party supporters horrified by his racist comments.

Several posts by Manson on Ron Paul's Facebook page have been removed, as well as several posts on other web sites.

But Facebook users were too quick for Jules Manson, and his racist rant was captured in a screen cap by several users before they posted it across the online community (see screencap here).

Ron Paul and Racism: Uncomfortable Associations

This is not the first time Ron Paul supporter have been tied to racism or racist comments about President Obama.

In 2007, Ron Paul posed for a photo op with Don Black, a former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and founder of white supremacist site Stormfront. That same Stormfront site has donated several hundreds of dollars to the Ron Paul campaign, which his staff has accepted.

Ron Paul himself also came under fire recently when several newsletters from the 1980s and 1990s emerged that seemed to contain racially volatile comments. In one instance, Ron Paul allegedly wrote that Martin Luther King Jr. Day should be re-named Hate Whitey Day.

Paul has vehemently denied writing the newsletters, but the GOP presidential hopeful remains an open supporter of the John Birch Society, according to News One.

JBS still opposes the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960s and boasts former members Revilo P. Oilver (the founder), Tom Metzger and Kevin Storm, all prominent white supremacists.

Oliver even went on to found the White Nationalist Neo-Nazi Alliance, which called Hitler the greatest man of our era.

Calling Ron Paul Racist 'Just Off the Wall'

Yet for all the controversy that should rightfully follow Jules Manson's racist comments, the man himself has never been directly associated with Ron Paul, a fact that some commenters are forgetting.

Some have taken to calling Manson a Tea Party darling or Tea Party favorite, despite him being almost completely unknown outside certain blogs and within the Carson, Calif. community.

Others are likely to take Manson's racism and use it to assert that Ron Paul himself is racist, despite there being no positive proof.

Jack Cole of The Examiner has been quick to try and counter that possibility, pointing out that Manson has no direct tie to Ron Paul at all: he's simply a rabid supporter looking for some sick moment in the spotlight.

Lumping together some failed politician from California [who] happens to support Ron Paul and then implying that all Tea Party members, Ron Paul supporters, and Libertarians are racist is just off the wall, Cole wrote.

Ron Paul Still Rising

This is undoubtedly true. Yet as Ron Paul rises higher and higher in the national consciousness, and his poll numbers rise accordingly, this move by Jules Manson could not have come at a worse time.

As the Republican primary race heats up, and certainly after the GOP nomination is secured, whoever runs against President Obama for the 2012 presidential election will have not only their own words and records scrutinized, but that of their supporters.

Jules Manson may be a Ron Paul fan, but his atrociously racist remarks haven't done his favorite candidate any favors. Though it's unlikely to hurt Ron Paul in the Iowa caucuses, such race-baiting is shameful in a politician, even a failed one like Manson. Ron Paul deserves better fans.