• Roy Jones Jr.'s net worth is around $45 million
  • His last fight was in 2018
  • He appeared in the “Matrix” and “The Devil's Advocate”

Roy Jones Jr.’s net worth is estimated at $45 million. The former champion is set to face Mike Tyson in an exhibition fight in September 2020.

Jones Jr. accepted the comeback fight against his fellow boxing legend. He was victorious in his last fight in 2018 against Scott Sigmon and critics question the motivation for his comeback this time around.

Tyson and Jones Jr. were set to face each other in 2003, but the fight never happened, partly because the latter believed the offer should have been more substantial. It is worth noting that at the time, Tyson was at the end of his career, while Jones Jr. was crowned the WBA heavyweight. According to TalkSport, Jones Jr. expected a more lucrative deal to fight Iron Mike down the line, but it never materialized.

Roy Jones Jr.
Light heavyweight boxer Roy Jones Jr., of the U.S., flexes during a news conference at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, March 31, 2010. Reuters/Steve Marcus

Now both fighters are making their much awaited comebacks on the boxing ring. A lot of people claim it would be a boring fight since it would be just an exhibition match, but for fans, it is a chance to see one of the fantasy fights finally push through.

Born Roy Levesta Jones, Jr., the Pensacola, Florida native won several awards as an amateur. Nicknamed “Captain Hook,” he debuted as a pro in 1989, per Celebrity Net Worth. In the past, the Boxing Writers Association of America tagged him as the boxer of the decade in the 1990s.

Aside from his boxing career, Jones Jr. released a rap album in 2001 and also appeared in popular movies such as “The Matrix,” “The Devil's Advocate,” “Cordially Invited,” “Universal Soldier: A New Dimension,” and “Southpaw.”

After he retired in boxing in 2018, he focused on different ventures. In 2019, Fight to Fame signed him as an ambassador. Fight to Fame aims to produce shows which showcase fighters and turn them into entertainment stars, as per PR Newswire. The American boxer is also busy commentating on boxing fights for HBO and TWX. Moreover, he manages a boxing training school and owns a promotional company.

When asked why he was retiring after winning his last match in 2018, Captain Hook claimed the risks were greater than the benefits, especially fighting late in his career.

Mike Tyson, the guy he is set to face in September, is also doing good on his own. The 54-year-old former heavyweight champ is managing a cannabis business which features a weed resort, among others. Tyson has been called out before by different boxers, but he agreed to come out of retirement to fight Jones Jr. this year.

Boxing fans need something to cheer for, especially since the pandemic forced major events to get cancelled. With the looming Tyson-Jones Jr. match, even if it would not be competitive, fans would be more than glad to pay and watch it.