The season has been off to a rough start for the Royals, losing their first 10 home games with a record of 3-14, upsetting diehard Kansas City fans.

Even those who purchase expensive Crown Club seats for $240 have given up, like the guy who completely stopped watching the Royals on Monday night and instead cracked open a novel, earning the nickname and Twitter handle Royals Book Guy.

During Monday night's loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, a photo was snapped of the game during the eighth and ninth innings, where a man wearing a red shirt was caught reading a book in the Crown Club seating section - the most expensive seats in the house behind home plate -- completely ignoring the game. As the photo began to circulate, the man became the latest viral Internet meme sensation, gaining a parody Twitter account @RoyalsBookGuy.

Some people use drugs. Some use alcohol. 81 games? This is how I cope. #ourtime, the fake account description reads.

The account was first created on April 24 and has almost 400 followers.

I'm putting down the book and picking up my iPad. I'm officially on Twitter. I'm worth a follow. Let's do this. #MyTime, the first tweet read.

So what was the guy reading? Guyism believes it was Zero Day by David Baldacci. However, the owner of the Twitter parody account said, I'll confess - tucked inside that novel I was reading was the latest Bill James sabermetrics article (don't tell the #Royals).

Here are some of the best tweets so far from RoyalsBookGuy.