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Rush Limbaugh, recently in hot water over his Sandra Fluke slut comment in the birth control debate, says the media and President Obama should be more outraged over Cee Lo Green's singing the dirty version of F--- You at an Obama fundraiser than they are at Limbaugh's controversy.

Green performed the profanity-laced tune and even gave the middle finger during his performance at an Atlanta fundraiser for the president over the weekend, and Limbaugh claims the media isn't lambasting Green and Obama should come out and say the performance wasn't appropriate.

[Cee Lo] showed up before Obama came out and spoke at this fundraiser and dropped the F-bomb in his song while Mr. Civility is backstage, waiting to go on I guess, Limbaugh said this afternoon on his conservative radio talk show, according to a transcript on his website. This is getting nowhere near the attention it should get in the media. Mr. Civility, Barack Obama, is not being asked about this at all.

Limbaugh said he has no issue with Green singing the song, but he said Obama, who called Fluke and came to her defense after Limbaugh's slut comment, should come out and say Green's performance was unacceptable for a presidential fundraiser.

Limbaugh said there is a double standardand ripped the president for saying he called Fluke because he was thinking of his daughters.

His daughters, Malia and Sasha. He thought about them. What about this guy Cee Lo Green? And Cee Lo Green can sing what he wants. I don't care. But here it is at an Obama fundraiser on the same stage Obama will take not long after Cee Lo Green sings the tune, Limbaugh said. Yep. Double standard, single standard, whatever. Pure hypocrisy. I know. But the point is it isn't getting any press, nor is it getting any condemnation. But don't doubt me when I tell you it's noticed. It's noticed. Just because the press, the mainstream press, State-Controlled Media doesn't give it any attention doesn't mean it's ignored. It's out there, especially now it's out there.