Plans have just been unveiled in Moscow for the first ever space hotel that will we be perched 217 miles above the Earth.

Due to open its doors by 2016 and officially called, The Commercial Space Station, the out-of-this-world vacation destination will have room for seven guests in four cabins and come with views so astounding, they may actually make the incredibly excessive price tag worth every penny.

A five-day package, not including the two day trip in both directions aboard a Soyuz rocket, will cost close to a million dollars. Aboard the gravity free, luxury space cabins visitors will have the option to sleep either vertically or horizontally and sealed showers will be available, most likely on sponge bath only basis. Instead of water, toilets will use flowing air to move waste through the system and waste water will be recycled and filtered along with the air. As far as dining is concerned, according to various reports, the plan is to do away with freeze-dried rations and to replace them with gourmet delicacies that will be prepared beforehand and reheated in microwaves. Also, refreshing beverages will certainly be available, but alcohol will be strictly prohibited.

Sergei Kostenko, CEO of the Russian firm Orbital Technologies, the company behind the project, has commented that the hotel will be geared toward wealthy individuals and people working for private companies looking to do research in space. Interestingly, visiting tourists may even find themselves meeting unexpected guests as plans are in the works to make the space hotel available to astronauts from the International Space Station in times of crisis. As of yet, no comment has been made as to how much the project will cost.