• The soldier "reassures" his wife that this a common practice.
  • He also tells his wife that men from another unit raped a woman
  • The Security Service said the soldier was in the Kharkiv region 

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has reportedly intercepted a telephonic conversation between a Russian soldier and his wife wherein he mentioned using grenades to "clean up" the basements where Ukrainians were hiding from the shelling.

The soldiers reportedly confessed to murdering and torturing Ukrainian civilians, according to the Facebook post of the Security Service of Ukraine.

"We are clearing out the basements, you know how? We do not ask who is there, but just throw grenades, we don’t give a f**ck at all. We have a detachment called a detachment of suicides, a detachment of thugs," he told his wife.

"I am doing stuff here. I f**cking fire on everyone, I don’t give a sh*t: civilians, or not civilians. I can just take a knife, cut off someone’s ears," the soldier added. This, according to the security service, is another confirmation of the killings of peaceful Ukrainians by the Russian occupiers.

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The soldier "reassures" his wife that this is a common practice. He also recounted how the occupiers from another unit mocked and raped a woman. According to the Ukrainian Security Service, the Russian invader was in the Kharkiv region. The man also assured his wife that he would do the same in Russia.

Ever since the war began, Ukraine has been intercepting Russian communications and releasing tapes that suggest Russian atrocities. According to reports, Ukrainians cut off all Russian cell numbers from their network, following which Russians seized cellphones from Ukrainian civilians. The authorities then monitored these stolen numbers and began tapping the calls.

Recently, the SBU released another intercepted phone conversation in which a soldier was heard talking about how the bodies of Russians killed in the war were being thrown into the dump "by the thousands."

"It’s not a morgue, it’s a dump. Huge, this… field – sort of a field or a landfill… Fenced, cordoned off, no one is allowed in. And, in short, they bring thousands there. A dump as high as a human," a Russian soldier was reportedly intercepted talking to his wife.

There was also another intercepted phone call where a Russian officer was heard saying how half of his troops have frostbite on their feet, and how they don't have any stoves or hot stoves for food.

Russian soldiers walks along a street in Mariupol, Ukraine in a campaign to take the strategic port city.
Russian soldiers walks along a street in Mariupol, Ukraine in a campaign to take the strategic port city. AFP / Alexander NEMENOV