• The packages were reportedly sent out from delivery firm SDEK
  • Many of the packages were sent to the town of Urga in Siberaia
  • One of the packages sent home contained an Orlan-10 military drone

Russian soldiers have reportedly sent home over 50 tons of items they stole from Ukrainians amid the ongoing war.

An investigation published Thursday by independent news site Mediazona found that Russian troops fighting in the war have sent home at least 58 metric tons of items looted in Ukraine since the invasion began on Feb. 24. The outlet said the packages were sent out from delivery firm SDEK, noting that each package often exceeded the size of the average parcel.

The outlet reported that Russian soldiers often sent home sneakers, canned food, car tires and tents. On at least one occasion, an officer was also seen sending home an Orlan-10 military drone. It is believed the officer stole the drone from his own army.

Many of the packages went to the town of Urga in Siberia, which received 5.8 tons of parcels. The deliveries were sent by soldiers of the Urga-based 74th Motorized Rifle Brigade. The unit was deployed to the Ukrainian towns of Bucha, Hostomel and Irpin where mass killings occurred, according to the investigation.

The outlet also identified other Russian cities that received a large number of packages, including Chebarkul, Kyzyl and Novosibirsk.

In early May, Russian soldiers were accused of stealing ancient artifacts from a local museum. The pieces stolen from the museum included 198 gold flower ornaments, gold plates, ancient weapons, 300-year-old silver coins and special medals. It was reported that the soldiers were accompanied by Evgeny Gorlachev, a Ukrainian who had been appointed as the museum’s new director by the Russians.

Troops who occupied the city of Melitopol have been accused of stealing 27 pieces of farm equipment from an Agrotek dealership. The items stolen and sent home were valued at nearly $5 million, a Ukrainian businessman in the area told CNN.

Other sources also told the publication that some Russian soldiers also stole grain held in silos, while other occupiers were “offering farmers to share their profits 50% to 50%.”

In other areas in Ukraine, Russian soldiers were seen looting grocery stores and even banks. Ukrainian officials said Russian troops deployed to fight in the war were only given three days of rations.

The International Business Times could not independently verify the information.

A view shows a residential house destroyed by shelling, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in Derhachi, Ukraine March 21, 2022.
A view shows a residential house destroyed by shelling, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in Derhachi, Ukraine March 21, 2022. Reuters / Stringer .