President Vladimir Putin announced in mid-September the economic situation in Russia was "normalising" and the worse was over from the series of economic sanctions


  • The Russian Security Council head warned that a radioactive cloud from Ukraine is heading toward Europe
  • Russia's State Atomic Agency called Nikolai Patrushev's claim 'somehow exaggerated'
  • A former State Duma deputy said Russia is now using humor to make 'people forget about fear'

Russians are now mocking President Vladimir Putin after he claimed that beer in Prague contained "female sex hormones" as part of outrageous Russian propaganda.

Putin made the claim about the beer in Prague during a meeting with Russia's Council on Foreign Relations last week.

"Let them continue to drink beer [in Prague]," Putin said, adding that, "experts say," the drink contained "a large selection of female sex hormones," as translated by The Daily Beast.

On the same day when Putin made the claim about the beer in Prague, Nikolai Patrushev, head of the Russian Security Council, also warned that a deadly "radioactive cloud" from Ukraine is now moving toward Europe.

"[The Americans] helped Ukraine too, by putting pressure on their satellites and supplying depleted uranium munitions. Their elimination has caused a radioactive cloud that is now moving toward Western Europe. An increase in radiation levels has already been registered in Poland," Patrushev said at a conference in the city of Syktyvkar, as quoted by state-run media agency TASS.

Both Patrushev and Putin have now become the laughingstock in Russia following their claims, with some Russians creating memes inspired by their outrageous claims. For instance, Putin's former speechwriter Abbas Galyamov put together photos of Putin drinking beer in response to his claim.

"Judging by the numerous photos that Google gives out when the words 'Putin' and 'beer' are placed side by side, the Russian president knows what he is talking about," Galyamov wrote in the caption, as translated via Google Translate.

Russia's State Atomic Agency also debunked Patrushev's warning about the supposed radioactive cloud approaching Europe, adding that the story is "somehow exaggerated."

Gennady Gudkov, a former State Duma deputy who left Russia in 2019, said Putin and Patrushev are now using "humor" to make "people forget about fear" as Moscow continues to suffer mounting losses in the war in Ukraine.

"Putin and his guys are turning into a comedy club, they are not lords of the ring any longer," he told The Daily Beast. "The Kremlin is making mistake after mistake, which makes it clear to the public that they are just a bunch of ridiculous fools."

As of Wednesday, Russia lost a total of 204,760 troops in combat, including 400 soldiers killed over the past day, per estimates from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Putin has been seen as facing pressure within Russia but from an even more bellicose and hardline faction