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Most information about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 has come out of the U.K. and now the mobile network Three has revealed it will offer the Galaxy S5 for £69 with a two-year contract.

Three recently updated its Galaxy S5 splash page to include its pricing information for the yet-to-be released device. The mobile network has four plans, all of which require customers to pay £69 up front for the Galaxy S5, in addition to the monthly charge that comes with a two-year contract.

The cheapest plan offers 600 minutes of voice calls, 2GB mobile data for £38. The two intermediate plans offer 600 minutes and unlimited data or 2GB data and unlimited minutes for £41. The priciest plans offer unlimited data and minutes for £44. Three will also offer the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit smartwatches for £199.

Three is the first major U.K. carrier to reveal its Galaxy S5 pricing, and many expect other carriers will soon announce their own pricing for the device.

Like most other U.K. mobile networks and retailers, Three will begin accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy S5 on March 28. Prospective customers can currently sign up with Three for more information on the Galaxy S5.

Notably, U.K. customers won’t be able to purchase the Copper Gold Galaxy S5 from Three as another carrier; Vodafone recently announced its exclusive rights to the color option. Three and other U.K. carriers will likely have the Shimmer White, Electric Blue, and Charcoal Black varieties available.

UK retailer Clove is already accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy S5 and has listed its off-contract price for the device at £458.30, £550.00 with Value Added Tax included. This roughly translates to $633.51 or $760.27 (with VAT). Many sources note that prices listed by such third-party retailers may be just estimates, and are subject to change at any time before a device releases.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in 150 countries starting April 11.

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