A patent designed and registered on Oct. 2 in South Korea seems to indicate that Samsung Electronics Co. (OTCMKTS: SSNLF) is looking to build its own Google Glass-style of smart glasses. Samsung referred to the device as “sports glasses,” with integrated headphones that would allow users to take phone calls and listen to music.

The filing contains several drawings of the device, and it sure does look a lot like Google Glass. The memo, initially reported by the Wall Street Journal, says that the device would link with a smartphone to display alerts on a transparent or translucent lens.

The only real difference between the Samsung smart glasses and Google Glass is Samsung’s emphasis on the device being used for sports and exercise.

It sounds similar to what Samsung is already doing with the Galaxy Gear smart watch. The Galaxy Gear smart watch wasn’t initially well received, but is doing better now that it is compatible with more Samsung devices. It’s also rumored that Samsung will introduce a second-generation Galaxy Gear smart watch as early as January.

This is just a patent application, so it isn’t clear if Samsung will even build a pair of smart glasses or not. Samsung has so far not commented on the patent filing.