The investigation of “creepy” porcelain dolls placed at the homes of young girls in an upscale California community ended on Thursday night with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department saying it located the woman responsible, but that she committed the acts “as a kind gesture.”

The department said in a statement that they are not investigating the incidents any further, and that investigators found the woman placed the dolls on the porches of several homes in the Talega community of San Clemente, California, “out of goodwill.”

Before the woman was located, homeowners were concerned over the dolls, which they said resembled their daughters and were first reported Tuesday. Many of the children were 10 years old and attended the same elementary school, according to Lt. Jeff Hallock of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Hallock said there were no notes or threatening messages next to the dolls, which he called “creepy or very unusual,” according to KTLA.

The department would only say that the woman who left the porcelain dolls was a member of the community who attended church with many of the families who found the dolls on their porches.

The department’s Twitter account posted two pictures of the dolls -- one with a blue dress and brown hair with a peach and blue bow and another with brown curly hair, a pink dress and bunny slippers:

Despite their being no “specific criminal component” to the dolls, the department said it “immediately dedicated time and resources in [an] attempt to resolve the issue and identity the person or people responsible.”