Sarah Palin is reportedly a grandmother again, but the former vice presidential candidate has refused to comment publicly on the birth of her second grandchild.

Track Palin and his wife Britta Hansen reportedly gave birth to a baby girl, Kyla Grace Palin, on Saturday, Aug. 6. The news was first reported by Joe McGinnis, author of an upcoming book about Sarah Palin. His blog updates were picked up by People magazine, which had in July reported on the apparent late stage of Britta's pregnancy -- a pregnancy the Palin camp has yet to acknoweldge despite multiple requests.

While the Palin side of the family has kept silent on the birth, Britta's mother spoke to Tuesday about the new addition.

"Kyla Grace is great. She's beautiful," Elizabeth Hansen said. "I love my daughter and my son-in-law very much."

In July, photos posted on Facebook fueled speculation -- apparently well-founded -- that the newlyweds had conceived prior to their wedding this May.

The Web site Gawker posted photos then of a visibly pregnant "Britta Pie" at what was very obviously a baby shower. As pregnant mothers do not usually show until the second or third trimester, and as baby showers are customarily held toward the end of the pregnancy, it was clear the child was conceived out of wedlock.

This would not be considered a great scandal for most people, but as Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol have become poster mother-and-child for abstinence before marriage, the news of yet another out-of-wedlock conception could put Palin in an uncomfortable position.

In 2008, Bristol and then-boyfriend Levi Johnston welcomed a son, Tripp. Sarah was 44 and Bristol was 18 at the time.