Some crypto enthusiasts crave to see the real Bitcoin founder unmasked, and this may be the reason why rumors fly whenever an inkling of Satoshi Nakamoto's presence surfaces, such as the recent donation of 50 BTC Grin received from an anonymous person or group.

Grin, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, tweeted on Monday that it received a new donation in their Grin General Fund, inciting speculation that Nakamoto was responsible for the charitable act.

The tweet included a link to Grin's forum that revealed more details about Grin developer Daniel Lehnberg's exchange with the donor.  

Lehnberg wrote: "I had the privilege to interact briefly with this donor who wishes to remain anonymous. Some quotes I’ve personally edited and now share with you."

Here are some of the donor's comments that Lehnberg shared

"It's wonderful that we have GRIN now, our motives are not economical! It's about the technology and the protocol. Please put it to good use for the development of GRIN. You keep working as you did in the past. We saw your work and your ethics towards the project and your interest free work. This is what we are honouring right now with these donations so that you can work freely on GRIN. Without economic dependencies," the comment read.

The rumor was stirred up by Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin (LTC), who announced on Telegram that the coins were mined in December 2010. However, he recently said it had been a joke.  

Priced at $8,663 as of press time, the 50 BTC converts to $433,176. 


The real Nakamoto wants to remain anonymous, and while there are plenty who claim to be the Bitcoin founder, none seem to have been overwhelmingly convincing to the entire crypto world.  

But one such person who failed miserably in trying to convince the crypto space that he is Nakamoto is Jörg Molt. Molt spoke last year at Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies and was introduced as a Bitcoin co-founder. He also claimed to own 250,000 BTCs. Molt, a career musician, was exposed by Kenneth Bosak in a video where Bosak is directly confronting Molt about being a scammer.