Ron Mendoza

US Digital Dollar Will Boost Bitcoin Price And Adoption: Will It Happen Soon?

Some point to the need for transacting with cryptocurrencies or digitized cash as a way to prevent the spread through the physical forms of payment despite no scientific consensus for how COVID-19 spreads. Still, there's no indication for when the Fed will implement a digital dollar, but if it does, plenty those in the crypto space think it will boost the price of the benchmark crypto.

Bitcoin Price May Hit $2,800 Before Halving; Analyst Says This Is 'Not Scary'

Any pessimism and quick desire for liquidity could once again trickle down to crypto as it had done so since mid-February. If stocks continue to fall, there is a real possibility that BTC and the rest of cryptos could follow suit. But if there is another selloff in cryptos and its flagship asset gets pushed to $2,800, one analyst says it's not all that bad.

Bitcoin Price Plunges To Lowest Since January, Safe Haven Questionable

The crypto market selloff that followed the failed OPEC agreement yesterday had erased over $26 billion in value. Its most prominent digital asset, Bitcoin (BTC), plunged to a level not seen since January. From reaching its highest point this year at nearly $10,500 in February, the top crypto is trading presently under $8,000 and even dipped to $7,600 on Monday. 

Ethereum Price Hits 'Do Or Die' Level: Here's Why

A massive selloff in the crypto market took place on Sunday that dragged most cryptocurrencies down to double-digit losses. Ethereum (ETH) erased almost 16% and broke a support level that could potentially open the flood gates for lower prices.